1.    Collect all fees and submit to the league: $200 is due each season for a team of 4-6 players.


2.    All fees are due by Friday of the 3rd week of play.  If they are not received by then, the team may forfeit points.  They can be given to a board member or deposited in the CADA drop box at LeRoy’s. Please advise a board member when you’ve made a payment so we know to look for it.


3.    Record 8T0s, Rounds of Nine, High Ins (double-in events only), High Outs, Hat Tricks, Tons, and Ton+ on the score sheet at the time of play.  This includes any other accomplishments you feel may be noteworthy. 


4.    Record new members in “Comments” section of the score sheet (first and last name).


5.    Score sheets are due no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday following the night of play.  Scanned copies are preferred; you may also take a picture with your phone and email it to or to the statistician directly via contact info available on the website. The captain of the home team is responsible for submitting the score sheets in a timely manner, or points may be deducted.


6.    Captains are responsible for making sure that good sportsmanship is practiced by his or her team at all times.